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Alice Coltrane - Yamuna Tira Vihari (1982)

TLC - Diggin’ On You (1994)

If I believed in guilty pleasures.. ;)

Curtis Mayfield - The Makings of You (1970)

Driving down to LA tomorrow for the zine fest, and I’m sure it’ll be a whole lot of Curtis, Beyonce, and Taylor (Taylor Swift’s entire discography) that’ll get me through.

Lauryn Hill - Lose Myself (2007)

Is this the most compelling song ever made for an animated surfing penguin movie? Probably. When it comes up on shuffle I’m always surprised that I make it to the end, but the truth is I love it. It speaks to all my desires. The strange mix of desperate self-help affirmations, confessions,  and propelling beats feels.. so delusional — like, truly honest. By the end of the song even Lauryn sounds doubtful about her intentions. Best listened to on horrible, horrible laptop speakers. <3

Patsy Cline - Strange (1961)

Alice Coltrane - Spiritual Eternal (1976)

Starting the year off right.

Ray Charles - Baby, It’s Cold Outside (1985)

This goes out to all the freezing Californians. Before you accuse, I know, it’s true, there’s a creepy predator subplot to this song that’s undeniable. I like to think it’s negated by the strength in Betty Carter’s performance (almost nonexistent in other versions) and the fairly next-level pop détournement happening on the entire album. That cover image is of an elderly Ray Charles, slightly askew, blind glasses in full effect, completely navigating a horse-drawn sled. ;) Also, I sing this song to my father all the time; these are my internal justifications.  

Sun Ra - Night Music (1989)

"sound can wash clothes"

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Brooks & Dunn - Neon Moon [screwed and chopped] (2013)

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Ultramagnetic MCs - When I Burn (1988)

"Once a day, I’m comin your way, to enter ya brain

and let a word remain, as a syllable

Stuck deep inside”

Jeremih ft. Natasha Mosley - Fuck U All The Time (2012)

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The Beach Boys - ‘Til I Die [alternate mix] (1971)

A standout track from the later Beach Boys, some of Brian’s most magical chords, the harmonies are absolutely delicious. I really enjoy this alternate mix, created by the engineer, Steve Desper, as a way to peel back the layers on Brian Wilson’s preternatural orchestration. This song makes me swoon.

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The Impressions - Just Another Dance (1965)

Sly & The Family Stone - Time (1971)

"time is education"